Ricanto was created in 2009 by highly experienced pharmaceutical entrepreneurs with a strong track record of success. Their objective is to integrate successful global “drug hunting” with strong clinical development and regulatory capabilities to accelerate the drug approval process. This integration is combined with strong relationships with Key Opinion Leaders and Patient Advocacy groups to ensure patient and physician needs are addressed.

Ricanto has two notable successes:


Huxley Pharma was launched in 2009 to acquire the rights to 3,4 diaminopyridine (3,4 DAP) to treat Lambert-Eaton Myasthenic Syndrome (LEMS). Huxley Pharma received Orphan Drug status in U.S. & E.U. for 3,4 DAP and 6-months later received an MAA approval in Europe. Huxley was sold to BioMarin for $58 million in upfront payments and milestones.


Brabant Pharma was launched in 2013 to develop a treatment for Dravet Syndrome, a catastrophic form of childhood epilepsy. Brabant acquired the rights to over 800 patient years of data using low-dose fenfluramine in Dravet patients. Brabant commenced clinical development and worked closely with KOLs in Dravet Syndrome and the patient advocacy groups. Brabant Pharma was sold to Zogenix, Inc in October 2014 for $130 million in upfront payments and milestones.


Ricanto works closely with leading biopharma investors to appropriately fund individual companies leading to superior returns on investment, and has a global network of relationships that aid in identifying potential pharmaceutical assets. Ricanto’s drug hunting excellence results from close relationships with KOLs to identify unmet medical needs primarily in rare or Orphan diseases. Additionally, Ricanto works to identify drugs approved in Europe but not the US and vice versa.


Ricanto Accelerator Model: Typically, Ricanto identifies drug assets that already have evidence of human safety and efficacy. This can either be (i) unapproved drugs used under special license (ii) drugs approved in one country but not another or (iii) in late-stage development where the originator lacks the expertise to gain approval in another country.


Ricanto works in partnership with all stakeholders to get a drug approved.


Ricanto’s current portfolio: (i) Achieve Life Sciences is developing cytisine for smoking cessation and (ii) Renown Pharma is developing sublingual apomorphine for late-stage Parkinson’s disease.